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Cold Chain
Versa-Pak Cold Chain
Perishable Groceries


Versa-Pak Cold Chain Infographic

Versa-Pak® packaging works great to keep perishable products cool during the shipment and transport process.

Versa-Pak® Cold Chain Products

Products designed and engineered specifically for use in markets like grocery delivery and transport as well as physical grocery store locations.  Stock and custom Versa-Pak® packaging products are also ideal for insulation purposes.

Grocery Bag Liner Product

Meat & Dairy Case Liners

Versa-Pak® meat & dairy case liners protect grocery display cases controlling and absorbing excess fluid where possible bacteria can be contained, prevent excessive fluid from spilling and save cleaning time, reduce odor and enhance the appearance of potential purchased items.

Versa-Pak® case liners promote cleanliness and are easy to dispose of. Meat & Dairy Case Liners can be perforated as needed- no cutting needed!





Cushions and Conforms

Cushions & Conforms