A true environmentally friendly offering of

recycled tissue-based packaging materials.


It's in our DNA.

All Versa-Pak® products are made from 100% recycled tissue. Sustainability is in
our DNA.

We offer a variety of roll products that can be used for general dunnage fill or they can be used to wrap items during shipment.  Versa-Pak® uses hydrocrepe® technology to give you the most pliable cushioning options in the market today.

Our Products:

Hydrocrepe® Packaging & Void Fill Products

Versa-Pak® Cellulose wadding is a versatile soft wadding that easily wraps any shape product. Available in roll format as well as our proprietary "expandable" strips.

Cold Chain & Grocery Packaging Products

Made from 100% recycled paper,
Versa-Pak® cold chain products are an eco-friendly option that can be recycled curbside making them a convenient product for end users.

Multi-Ply Soaker & Liner


Made with multiple layers of 100% recycled tissue and a non-slip plastic poly backing for diaper-like characteristics. Designed for use in laboratories, grocery stores and industrial settings.

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About Versa-Pak®

Versa-Pak® packaging products are produced by Blue Ridge Tissue in North Carolina. We are committed to supplying the highest quality products to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on getting you the products you need when and where you need them!